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In blackjack, as you will see later, we often owe the strategies to mathematicians. It is true that their logical mind can obviously analyze the game more than that of a so-called lambda player. In any case, we owe this basic strategy to a certain Baldwin, Roger by his first name, who practiced in the United States in the 1950s. It was also at this time that he began to study game that we love so much, blackjack.

Let’s not forget that at that time, it was only 20 years since blackjack was formalized by the Nevada gambling authorities as a land-based casino game. From his observations, Baldwin soon realized that the game was predictable. Quite simply because the cards were uncovered. In effect, you have a card for the discovery dealer, and the player’s two cards which are discovered. He spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was really just a simple equation with one unknown. For a mathematician, it is childishly simple. Make a visit to for effective results.

Principles of Basic Strategy

The principles are simple, as we said, we have only one unknown, it is the hidden card of the banker. Baldwin then began to list all the possible cases, all the possibilities that could occur: on the one hand, he listed all the hands that a player could have initially and on the other hand, he listed all the cards discovered that the banker could have. And there we had a two-entry table.

  • This table, as we will see later, allows us to plan each action according to each situation. The blackjack table is valid for all your games, regardless of the country you are in: for example a Belgian player can quite use it to maximize his chances. In Baldwin’s mind, it was clear that in every situation there is an appropriate action, one that will make the player superior to the dealer. In a way, his reasoning is this: if you analyze the situation correctly, then you will be able to know what to do at the right time.

You should know all the same that this basic strategy, coming from Baldwin, was first taken up by many players and has therefore proved its worth, was also taken up by other mathematicians to complete his studies, in particular Thorp that we will see. In the strategy of counting cards, but above all, it allows the house advantage to drop to close to 1%, which is quite exceptional for a table game in a casino. If you want to learn more about basic blackjack strategy, don’t hesitate to take inspiration from this excellent video.

Implementation of the strategy

To implement this strategy during your games, you have no choice but to learn the table that we will publish next. It is this data that can make you win your blackjack games by making you make the right decisions.


Practice at home in front of your pc is the best solution, so that you are completely ready the day you decide to go play in a real casino. This type of establishment can sometimes leave you in possession of your notes, but that is not very serious. Better to have them in your head.