Slots in the Right Version for You

That is not true. It used to be the case when slot machines were still completely mechanical. Each stop position on the reel then had an equal chance of appearing on the payline.Modern slot machines work differently. In the computer, ‘virtual roles’ are programmed, as it were. They can have many more stop positions than you can see on the real reels. For example, each roll can have 256 ‘virtual stop positions’.

The Use of Stop Position

  • Each stop position on the virtual reel has a symbol on the real reel, but one symbol can be assigned many more virtual stop positions than the other.
  • If the jackpot symbol appears only once on the virtual reel, the odds of winning the jackpot is 1 in 256 x 256 x 256 = 16,777,216. Something different than 1 in 1000.
  • You cannot tell from the layout of the reels what the chances of winning are.
  • If you pull the handle of a slot machine, you win more on average than if you press the button.
  • Not true. A one-armed bandit does not pay better by default than a ‘normal’ slot machine with only a push button.

If you pull the handle, exactly the same thing happens inside the SLOT77 machine as when you press the button. The sound you hear and the resistance you feel may make it seem like you are putting in force yourself to get the reels moving, but that is nonsense.

You will probably lose less on a cupboard if you use the lever. Pulling the handle takes a little longer than pressing a button. That is the only reason that your hourly loss will be slightly lower on average when you use the lever.

Slots close to the cashier of a casino pay better

No. If you are at the cashier in a casino, you are already gambling or are already playing. It makes no sense for casinos to place ‘looser’ slots there.

Some casinos prefer to place the most payout slots at the entrance of their gambling palace to attract customers. Slots along busy aisles also sometimes pay out better than slot machines located in quieter places in the casino. The idea is: seeing you win makes you gamble.

A strong story about the disruption of slot machines is set in the late nineties. A Las Vegas casino gave new walkie-talkies to security personnel.

The new devices turned out to have an influence on the slots: if you held the walkie-talkie close to certain machines and pressed the talk button, a coin came out just like that .

You understand that the casino very quickly purchased other walkie-talkies and had those machines replaced.

Nowadays it is really impossible to influence a slot machine with a telephone or similar device. So you and your boyfriend are just lucky, in that roadhouse.

How does a slot machine work?

Modern slots are equipped with a Random Number Generator (RNG). This RNG decides whether you win or not and if you win, how high your prize is.Most slots have the RNG built into the device. There is no radio traffic that could affect you. You cannot change the outcome of a game, positive or negative, with your mobile phone.