Sawmill Towns Bates & Izee – TV Stars Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Michael Jorden, Ed Sullivan, Bigfoot

They only exist in the memories of the lucky couple of survivors of the long, eliminated sawmill communities called Bates and Izee, Oregon.

I Am, by “The Elegance Of God,” such a survivor, for the time being.

TELEVISION (brief for Television) was cabled in from a firm that had a tower on a neighboring hilltop. Just one channel, CBS network affiliate KBOI TELEVISION in Boise, Idaho, was the only broadcaster with the power to get to the anxious eyes of loggers, sawmill employees, and their rambunctious youngsters.

While the men were yet workin’, the wives cleanin’ residence or fixin’ restaurant, their otherwise energetic, skinny youngsters were layin’ on the floors at 3:00 P.M. waiting for “Heck Harper and The O.K. Corell.”

In Boise, some fortunate city youngsters would certainly be on TELEVISION, at the program workshop, with Hell himself, and can show their smilin’ deals with to every one of the world, and also tell their names. Yeah, they would certainly be stars, much like the “Queen For A Day” crybabies that their mommies had watched. In contrast, their generally loud kids had remained in the institution. O.K., so the kids did not win any wash machines. However, we understood that they were all winners.

Those Boise youngsters, they ‘d had “The Limelight,” their “Day In The Sunlight,” and also “Boy, were we ever envious, or what? Most of us intended to be “BIG TELEVISION STARS” as well, however “No Such Good luck.” United States Sawmill youngsters were just fortunate if we had TELEVISION.

So, like “The Starving Kids In China,” we waited. Only one “Sugar Pops” and maybe a healthy “CoCo Puffs” or “Sugar Jets” business, and then the “Autry-Roger’s Ranch” sector of “The Heck Harper Program” would capture our “Wide Open” minds.

Like “Toddlers In Toy land,” we would certainly be shown precepts. Our values to be formed by “Actual Vocal singing Cowboys” whose lives, as well as clean songs, reflected the “Hero” elegance, the boots, and also spurs that we wished for.

The inadequate youngsters today are stuck with “Athletic shoe Sports Stars and also “Waco Rappers” whose music mirror the rough reality of “The Ghettos From Whence They Came.” Michael Jorden is “An Aging Planet Angel,” paradise sent, yet I doubt that many others are. “Hero’s” should be “Great” at something greater than simply บาคาร่า “Hoops.” Money is “Poor Perfume” for those that “Are Perishing.” Children “Eliminate” for the athletic shoe and “Beat Each Various other Up” for heat up jackets.